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This Advent we will be studying the Faithful:  Christmas Through the Eyes of Joseph.  Each session we will watch a video segment and followed by a discussion.  If you would like a copy of the accompanying book, you may purchase one for $14.  Books are available in the church office and at Bible Study.  A copy of the book is also available for reading in the church library.  If you have any questions regarding Bible Study, please feel free to contact Kathy Fortner, Christian Education Coordinator.


Tentative Schedule:



(Church Lounge)


(Towne Center RLC)

Nov. 19 Nov. 26 A Carpenter Named Joseph
Nov. 27 Dec. 4 Whose Child Is This?
Dec. 3 Dec. 11 Raising a Child Not Your Own
Dec. 10 Dec. 18 The Journey to Bethlehem